2013 Boxing Wishlist

An exciting year is ahead in 2013, and I’m sure everybody has their opinions on what they wish to see in the coming year.  After a up and down year in 2012, which seen the emergence of some great talent, the tragic loss of some of the sports best, the decline of some of the top athletes, and the cream rising to the top. What does 2013 have in store for us? I have listed what I hope, anticipate in 2013, with a few long shots thrown in there for good measure.


Amir Khan vs Danny Garcia II

Some people will say “why?” but in my opinion this fight needs to happen.  The profile of Danny Garcia has risen dramatically since he took out Khan in four brutal rounds and Khan is always a big draw because of his crowd pleasing style.  This fight makes perfect sense, especially when Garcia comes through Zab Judah as I anticipate he will.   The fight is a very easy fight to make aswell and I believe second time round Khan beats Garcia, which could set up a possible trilogy which would be something special.


Saul Alvarez vs Austin Trout

Saul Alvarez upto now has not beaten anybody you would class as a live opponent, or anywhere near their prime.  He has beaten smaller guys moving up, and washed up fighters, but his talent is there for all to see.  Maybe we need to see Canelo finally tested and that will bring the best out of him.  Before Cotto vs Trout I was really hoping to see Cotto vs Canelo but it is evident that Cotto unless he makes a dramatic recovery is not the same fighter as we are used to seeing and during his bout with Trout aged drastically.  Trout put on an excellent performance, and is a very talented fighter, possesses good skills.  Whether he has the draw in terms of fan following and is able to do big numbers remains to be seen, but taking on Canelo would certainly increase his following and I give him a real chance of beating the Mexican.


Nonito Donaire vs Abner Mares

Possible? Probably not because of the promotional conflict, but both men are sweeping up the division with very little problems.  Donaire is talking about moving up but it should surely be seen as a bad move if he does not take on Mares or Rigondeux first.  I would fancy Donaire to beat both men personally but I want to see the fights happen.


Carl Froch vs Mikkel Kessler

After suffering his second career loss at the hands of Andre Ward, ‘The Cobra’ has bounced back brilliantly with a demolition job of Lucian Bute and Yusaf Mack.  I would not like to see Froch attempt revenge against Ward because I don’t see anybody beating Ward, and the rematch with Bute is not high on my agenda as Froch took the big man apart.  However Kessler who is racking up victory after victory would be great especially with a story behind it as well.


Juan Manuel Marquez vs Timothy Bradley

The undefeated American off the back of a “victory” (and I use that term somewhat loosely) against Manny Pacquiao against the man who just destroyed Pacquiao in six enthralling rounds.  What a spectacle that could be, with a big story and would do decent numbers (not in the Pacquiao, or Mayweather region) but decent numbers.


Tony Bellew vs Nathan Cleverly II

Get this fight on!  The first fight was brilliant, and was very close.  Both men have improved since then and have exchanged words in the media so would make a great spectacle.  Bellew has been Cleverly’s only quality opponent up to now so it would be good to see the two men go to war again.  My money is on “The Bomber”


Adrien Broner vs Danny Garcia

Adrien Broner is making tracks in rapid fashion with his career and his friendship with Floyd Maweather will no doubt benefit Broner in making sure he is an attraction not to be missed in the sport.  He is already one of the most talked about men in the sport and seeing him in with Danny Garcia would be fantastic.  Imagine the build up? The trash talking Angel Garcia against the brash, arrogant and cocky behaviour of “The Problem” I would love to see a 24/7 series for that bout. Wow.

Amir Khan vs Kell Brook

Kell Brook has world title glory on his mind first off and Khan has he world title redemption in his sights, but providing both men are victorious and stay healthy through 2013, this would be a great figh to see.   Both men have not been shy of expressing their feelings towards one another and will definitely make for an interesting battle which will really intrigue the UK.


Sergio Martinez vs Saul Alvarez

Can always hope can’t we? No chance of it happening, as Alvarez is protected heavily and will definitely not be sent anywhere near Maravilla. What a fight this would be though, and would certainly do massive numbers. Who are you favouring?


Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios

Not because the fight enthrawls me, but I just want to see how Manny Pacquiao bounces back from a devastating knockout defeat, and against a decent test in Brandon Rios.


David Haye vs Vitali Klitschko

Vitali has always said he wants to knockout Haye for the disrespect, so step up and make the fight.   Haye destroyed Chisora, something that Vitali did not do, albeit emerging victorious but after a boring 12 round decision.


One World Title per weight class

This multiple world title garbage is really damaging he sport, and introducing interim titles, silver titles, what a load of crap!  Lets get one title back and make world titles mean something again.


People will stop mentioning Maweather vs Pacquiao.

It is not happening, and it is laughable how people still believe It will and embarrassing to believe that Pacquiao would still win.


Andre Ward moving up

May not happen but he has beaten everybody in his division, I would like to see him go straight up to light heavyweight.  Personally I don’t see him losing there either but it would b interesting to see.


Top Rank vs Golden Boy ends

The two biggest promotional companies in the world need to be able to get along because us fans are being robbed of so many great fights.


Random Drugs Testing applied across the world

Take the test! Random testing is the way forward.  Pound 4 Pound king Mayweather announced his intentions over 3 years ago, and a lot of boxing insiders are in favour.  Clean the sport up, prevent these guys from beating the system.

Mayweather to school Guerrero

I respect Guerrero and what he has done, but fed up of all this talk now, get the fight on, hopefully Floyd wins comfortably and put the end to all this “Mayweather don’t want to fight me” rubbish.


Tyson Fury and David Price both go for world titles but no fight each other

I do not want to see this fight for another 12 months.  We rushed Groves vs De Gale, do not make the same mistake.  Make this fight when it makes sense, with maybe a world title in the picture and both men’s reputations enhanced worldwide.  If they can both maintain their unbeaten records, that would be great, and if one or both can go on and capture a world title then ha would be amazing for British boxing and make for a great spectacle.

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