Bob Arum, the controversial promoter, has gone on record to defend Chavez Jr. during the build-up to his upcoming fight with Martinez. Arum has been quoted saying, in relation to Chavez fighting Martinez, “Darn right he was being protected, because he didn’t know a thing about fighting. We decided we wouldn’t make the fight until he was capable of beating Martinez. If we would have made the fight before now, it would have been like leading the kid to the slaughter.”

Hardly a vote of confidence, but Arum has since changed his tune and feels Chavez is ready for what looks to be the toughest fight of his career.

In the past, Chavez, a huge middleweight, has been accused of avoiding Middleweight king Sergio Martinez. Arum admits that “the one who was chicken was his promoter”. Arum later goes on to say that he feels Chavez is ready to go on and become the king of 160, but falls short of guaranteeing a win for Jr. “Now he’s ready. That doesn’t necessarily guarantee he’s going to win, but I think he is very competitive and I give him an excellent chance to win this fight,” Arum explained to a group of reporters during a press conference to promote the bout.

Arum clearly now feels Chavez has shown improvement over his past few fights culminating in a bruising win over Andy Lee. Martinez and Chavez Jr. will face off on September 15th at the Thomas and Mack centre in Las Vegas for middleweight supremacy.


  1. shotime says:

    When this arum guy retires as a promoter boxing will get back on the map

  2. He should admit that hes hiding Pacquiao from Mayweather now

  3. Barberek says:

    Watch….He’s going to say the exact same thing when he finally decides to let Pacquiao fight Floyd Jr. But the outcome will be Manny getting his ass beat like the amateur he really is.

  4. Babatis Banda says:

    So sad, Arum does this on all his fighters. He is the one that is sitting on the Mayweather-Pacquiao bout. Here it is for all the sceptics to see.

  5. Convited Fuckin' Felon says:

    Now just admit that you know that the older and a lil slower Mayweather will spank the younger, more shopworn Pacman. We know that Bob didn’t want to put his cash cow in the kill zone. With comments like Mayweather’s vile comments would hurt Manny’s Presidential hopes, it was easy to see he was hiding him from pinpoint right hands. I don’t know if Floyd was just sick or slowing down in May but if he fights again, we will see.

  6. realestmarxx says:

    Boxing reads like a history book, and this scumbag is always behind all things wrong with the sport. Take a look back at the game and the people who have left arum. He will cash out on you if you are planning on leaving him, the way JR is planning. Same with DLH/Mosley2, Floyd/Corrales and maybe Pac/Bradley.

  7. Arumdiesoon says:

    I guess age is finally catching up to Arum, he must’ve not realized when making this statement; that everyone was going to say that he’s doing the same with the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight.
    In any event, everyone who has common sense already knew he is the reason for this fight not to happen; now we have to all just wait for his response when reporters start asking him about it.

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