Cotto falls into Canelo bout, Angel Garcia Wrong at being right? No Chance of Price vs Fury Yet

FightHype UK Editor Scott Smith shares his thoughts on some of the weekends action and expresses his opinion on the talking points that are currently hitting the headlines.  Have a read folks and share your thoughts…


Fans vent their Fury as Tyson beats Johnson…But why?

I was a little disapointed with the Tyson Fury vs Kevin Johnson fight, but with the fans.  These are fans who turn out in their numbers to support the giant heavyweight in his quest for heavyweight glory, so to the morons that booed during the main event.. one message.. make your mind up.  For years now Fury has been tipped to go on and get in amongst the world title picture, and has often put on exciting fights with his open and all action style… however the smart boxing brain amongst us, none more so than Peter Fury would understand that the style Fury would get picked off at the very top level.  So what is the solution… exactly what Peter Fury is getting Tyson to do, adapt his style slightly, with improved foot work, and a lot more versatility combined with good in ring tactics to adjust during his fights, and it worked well enough for even Kevin Johnson to compliment Fury after for his in ring intelligence.  Lets see sense people, whilst Tyson Fury is promising, he is not the finished article yet, but is not far off, and the best thing about it is the work of Peter Fury is paying off and that Tyson is listening to instructions as was demonstrated in ring and was heard during talks between rounds.  Yes he did not get the knock out (a knock out not even Vitali Klitschko could get) but a 12 round lop sided decision has done Tyson’s progression far more good than an early knock out on this occasion.

Price learned more in 2 rounds against Skelton than his previous three fights.

What a ridiculous thing to say you might think, but watch closely.  McDermott, Harrison nor Sexton landed a glove on Price or even looked close to doing so, but right from the off a determined Skelton dived straight in and actually landed the first solid punch of the fight.  Price even admitted after the fight that he was taken by surprise, and Skelton’s style took some getting used to, but Price did so admirably.  Being tagged and roughed up a bit along the way, the big Liverpudlian would have learnt a lot and adjusted from the aggressive ‘in your face approach’ from Skelton to close the show in under 2 rounds. Some may ask, well what happens when a Price fight goes into the later rounds? good question, but life is about ifs, buts and maybe’s, but facts are he is disposing of quality domestic fighters with absolute ease and is now ready for the world scene with a reported fight with Tony Thompson in the USA on the cards.

Am I the only one who believes it is too soon for Price vs Fury>

Both men are progressing nicely racking up impressive victory after impressive victory, so the inevitable calls for the two men to square off are louder than ever, but why so soon? George Groves vs James De Gale faced each other too soon for my liking, too early in their careers, whilst both are promising potential world champions with very little if any admiration from our friends in the USA. Lets not make the same mistake.  Yes they could fight and it would be a slug fest, BUT bad for British Boxing.  Both of these men should go on and capture world titles, so let them build up their following over in the States and in Europe, by beating better opposition as both men will gradually do… then possibly challenge each other as a final eliminator for a world title? better yet after one or both of them have captured a world title.  That would make better business sense, the possibility of two undefeated British Heavyweights, fighting with a world title on the line, the gates, reputation, interest, money and spectacle on the heavyweight scene would be far greater for everybody concerned, with a possible trilogy in the making, am I being greedy or realistic?

Is this the end for Miguel Cotto? Not if Golden Boy have anything to do with it

I read a very good article by’s David Kassel regarding this situation as he listed the possibilities for Canelo going into the new year.  I must say I wholeheartedly agree, and with the treatment of Canelo up to now, the fact that Cotto lost on Saturday night has no doubt in the eyes of the Golden Boy match makers made Cotto a strong favourite for the Canelo fight.  Canelo has been wrapped in cotton whool and 42 fights into his career has still not faced anybody with any real realistic threat other than their name appearing on the contract.  Unfortunately folks Sugar Shane is the only man that considered any sort of threat, and lets be truthful to ourselves, his threat at the top level soon disappeared as soon as the bell sounded to end round two vs Floyd Mayweather back in 2010 yet two defeats and a poor draw later he was the main man for Canelo? Give me a break.  I like Miguel Cotto and have a great deal of respect for him, but we saw the ageing of a great fighter half way through the fight on Saturday, and I would hate to see him in there with a hungry, young Canelo that is looking for his first significant knock out against a big name.  Oscar De La Hoya back in September was saying Canelo is ready for the likes of Martinez, well lets see it then or at least a deserved Trout, not another washed up fighter.

Angel Garcia was so wrong in being right

I am sure we have all seen the footage now of Angel Garcia yet again running off his mouth before his world champion son Danny gears up for another opponent, this time the victim is Zab Judah.  Angel shot to the world’s attention with his outbursts ahead of the Amir Khan fight with his trash talking which unquestionably got under the skin of Khan.  His mischief has worked it’s magic again, and yet he is getting criticised for it, but was he totally in the wrong? Lets break this into three categories here…. Conduct? Yes you could argue his conduct during the conference is not what you would hope to see at a professional bout’s press conference, but folks we have seen a lot worse…Mentality…. Freddie Roach talks trash, bad mouths fighters, Roger Mayweather does it and they are two of the best in the business, yes the may not lose their heads as much as Mr Garcia, but it all means the same. People have questioned the need for this outburst insinuating that it may put unnecessary pressure on his son, come on man, this is boxing, and boxing is a thinking man’s sport, and being a coach you have to know your fighter inside out, what makes him tick and what he reacts to best.  This is not new to see Angel Garcia do this, and who better to know Danny than his own father, so it appears to me, that Garcia, like Mayweather, Guerrero, Broner work better when the focus and pressure is on them. Finally it is all about the content… what he said, was it actually wrong? I don’t think so, he commented on Zab Judah being a four round fighter, and how he has struggled against guys that he really should not be struggling against, and questioned his heart.  I am not going to sit here and slate Zab who has had a wonderful career but he has lost to the best guys he has fought.  They say the truth hurts, it seemed to here.  Garcia vs Broner anybody? Imagine the 24/7 series, although it can’t be worse than Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 24/7 surely?

Shane Mosley’s last hurrah? 

I will leave you with the thought that Sugar Shane Mosley is weighing up a come back to take on Paulie Malinaggi as’s Ben Thompson reported earlier.  I like Shane and have always liked Shane, and may be the only person outside of Golden Boy Promotions that would welcome this.  With Hatton leaving the sport and therefore ripping up the massive pay cheque that was due to arrive in the Golden Boy offices and the pockets of Paulie, Shane is the ideal candidate.  After all if Shane wins, it is likely he will retire straight after so Paulie will still have chance to get it back, if not then maybe a rematch. Shane is a hall of famour, and great ambassador for the sport, and to see him go out defenceless against Canelo was heartbreaking.  I would love to see him take on Paulie Malinaggi, who with the greatest respect to him is not Canelo or no where near as powerful.  One more time Shane hold that title aloft and leave the sport with your head held high

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