Former world boxing amateur champion Frankie Gavin won the British welterweight title tonight at the York Hall, Bethnal Green with a unanimous decision points verdict over defending champion Junior Witter. It was an ugly fight with Gavin’s southpaw style and Witter’s contstant switch-hitting struggling to gel.

Gavin remains undefeated and, after a rocky year which has been filled with personal problems, all seems well for him now and he can begin to look forward to bigger fights. For Witter, a former 140lb world champion, his time in the sport must be nearing an end.

Read below for Fighthype’s round-by-round coverage of the fight.

A very cagey start from both men. Witter starting out orthodox and is flicking his jab out there with no real intent. Gavin throws a straight left to the body and attempts to follow up with a right hook. Another left to the body by Gavin. Witter springs into action and connects with two right hands to the body. Another flurry of punches from Witter where he lands a straight left.

10-9 Witter

Gavin is looking very tentative in there and seems reluctant to let his hands go. Witter establishes his jab and is connecting with left hooks and straight rights to the body. It’s turning into a scrappy affair with neither managing to get off much, but Witter done more.

10-9 Witter, 20-18 Witter

Gavin lands a short right hook at the start of the round and is beginning to let his hands go more. Witter trying to get off but missing. Lots of feinting and posturing from both men. Witter lands a straight left but done very little else. Messy round.

10-9 Gavin, 29-28 Witter

Gavin is beginning to settle and is managing to get off first and land his jab. Lands his right hook again. Witter trying to counter but isn’t being active enough. Neither man landed much of note, but Gavin forced things and is beginning to up the tempo.

10-9 Gavin, 38-38 Even

Gavin again starting the round well and is starting to dictate things but isn’t landing much clean. Gavin misses with a straight left. Throws a jab but misses and then connects with a straight left. Witter doing too much posturing, but he does lands two solid straight left hands as the round nears an end and does just not enough to take it.

10-9 Witter, 48-47 Witter

Fast start from Gavin as he really lets his hands go. Throwing his jab, right hook and straight left. Witter making himself hard to hit but Frankie seems to be settling into the fight now. Witter trying to counter but is missing wildly and more often than not ending up in a clinch.

10-9 Gavin, 57-57 Even

Again more posturing and feinting, although most of it is coming from Witter now. Gavin is letting his hands go but isn’t finding the target. Jab lands from Gavin. A straight left lands from Witter. Gavin opens up some more and connects with his right hook.

10-9 Gavin, 67-66 Gavin

Witter is literally doing nothing but posture, move, feint and try and lure Gavin into making a mistake. Witter holds his hands behind his back and sticks his chin out. Frankie doesn’t buy it and sticks to trying to establish his jab. Very little lands clean from Gavin as he misses with his straight left and right hook. Witter threw nothing that round and receives a bollocking from his corner.

10-9 Gavin, 77-75 Gavin

Witter is told to let his hands go by his corner, but either he refuses to take their advice or just can’t get his punches off. More posturing from him and lots of holding. Gavin is the one trying to initiate exchanges, but he’s missing and being tied up on the inside. Gavin lands a solid left uppercut and follows up with a right hook.

10-9 Gavin, 87-84 Gavin

It’s all Frankie Gavin now. Throwing jabs, right hooks and straight lefts. Not landing with all of them, but he’s taking the fight to Witter. Witter just looking to load up with one big shot, and when he throws he misses wildly. Witter warned for holding. Gavin gets on the inside again and again Witter opts to hold. Referee deducts a point from Witter for holding.

10-8 Gavin, 97-92 Gavin

Witter is just pawing with his jab and isn’t letting his hands go at all. Right hook lands from Gavin. Jab, straight left lands from Gavin. More posturing and more holding.

10-9 Gavin, 107-101 Gavin

Witter comes out and starts off the final round well – throwing his jab with intent and looking to connect with straight rights and left hooks. Constant switch-hitting from Witter in this frame as he tries to work an opening to land a knock-out punch. Gavin begins to let his hands go and lands with a nice short right hook and then works the body well with solid right and left hooks. Witter does more prancing and dancing around the ring with-out letting his hands go. Gavin lands a left hook.

10-9 Gavin, 117-110


OFFICIAL SCORES: 117-112, 119-109, 117-110, all for Frankie Gavin

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