Can Britain’s heavyweight prospect David Price really be the next big thing in the heavyweight division? Will Amir Khan put the demons of his loss at the hands of Lamont Peterson behind him and emerge victorious against the young and hungry Danny Garcia? And what makes boxing so great?

Read on for my take on questions that have been put to me this week.

What in your opinion makes boxing great?
Joe , England (via twitter)

There are many things that make boxing great and make it a global attraction for people around the world. Obviously there are downsides and negatives in the sport, but that is the same with every sport out there. However if you ask me, the positives far out-weigh the negatives.

It is hard to define only one thing that draws me to sport. Everyone has their preferences.

I admire the hard work and commitment that fighters (sometimes) put in to ensuring they achieve optimum success. We, of course, only really get to see the end product of a long and hard training camp but there is an appreciation from me about how hard these athletes prepare. It’s fascinating.

Furthermore, you can’t beat the big-fight build up. Whether that be the 24/7 series on HBO or just the trash-talking and/or occasional pushing and shoving we see when the two fighters meet at press conferences and the weigh-in. Whatever it may be, the hype that a fight can generate is one of the most intriguing and exciting aspects of the sport.

Finally, we have the actual boxing itself. It’s incredibly interesting to see how two fighters with contrasting styles match-up. Sometimes we have a chess match while other times we have two fighters going toe-to-toe in a 10/12 round war. Both kinds of fights appeal to me and are both, in their own way, excellent viewing. Some boxers and some fans would rather look at boxing as an art compared to seeing it as a sport filled with brutality; I am firmly in that camp. Watching technical and thinking fighters is a personal attraction to me. Watching Floyd Mayweather pick his opponent apart bit-by-bit is something to be admired. Likewise, watching a come-forward pressure style fighter is just as admirable as you wait in anticipation of when that pressure will pay off and result in the fighter scoring a decisive knock-out.

It is too hard to pin ‘what makes boxing great’ onto only one aspect. There are just far too many variables that make it attractive and such a great sport. But like I mentioned earlier, everyone is different and everyone will prefer different things.

How do you see Khan v Garcia going?
Charlie, Glasgow (via twitter)

First and foremost I think this is a good match-up. It’s a competitive fight, on paper at least, and both fighters are young and hungry who have the desire to achieve everything they possibly can in boxing.

I am expecting Khan to cruise to a fairly comfortable points victory.

Garcia is a good fighter. Nothing more (at this point) and nothing less. He hasn’t fought the same level of opposition as Khan has, but he’s not just been handed a world title by fighting nobodies. His journey to the top hasn’t been too hard, but I wouldn’t say that it’s been an easy one either. His best win is over a faded and past-his-best Erik Morales. Khan on the other-hand is sort of bubbling under elite level status. He certainly has the potential to become an elite level fighter, the question is will he fulfil that potential? Khan impressed against Zab Judah when he stopped him in 5 rounds and that is probably his career best performance to date.

At this point in Garcia’s career I feel the fight with Khan has come too soon. Anything can happen in boxing though and nothing is a cert. Remember, Khan was supposed to steam-roller Lamont Peterson and set up a fight with Floyd Mayweather. As a further example to show anything is possible in the sport, cast your mind back to two weeks ago when Josesito Lopez upset Victor Ortiz in a thrilling encounter.

I think Khan wins, but he does have a tendency to make fights more difficult than they need to be. He was cruising against Marcos Maidana and then found himself on the receiving end of numerous power-shots and uppercuts which very nearly resulted in him being knocked-out. Similarly, he started strong against Lamont Peterson and then allowed Peterson back into the fight by allowing himself to be involved in Peterson’s kind of fight.

Khan can be unpredictable when he enters the ring on fight night, but whatever Khan turns up on July 14 it will be an entertaining fight, so be sure to tune in.

Is David Price really the next big thing in heavyweight boxing?
Steve, Edinburgh

Yes, I firmly believe he is. 

In his challenges so far, he has handled them all with relative ease. In his last 3 fights his performances have been near flawless. A 2nd round knock-out win over Tom Dallas and a demolition of John McDermott in even quicker fashion via a 1 round TKO were impressive wins. Although you could say those type of wins are what we should be seeing from him given those two fighters level of ability. Nevertheless, you can only beat what is put in front of you, and he isn’t just beating them, he’s obliterating them.

After his 4th round KO win over Sam Sexton – a legitimate contender and Price’s toughest fight yet – he is undoubtedly the best heavyweight on the domestic scene. (I’m excluding Haye and Chisora from that)

I don’t think Price is ready for either Klitschko. He certainly has the size and boxing ability to trouble them in a fight, but he doesn’t yet have the experience to win.

Against any other fighter in the division and I give him a strong chance of victory. He can, and will go right to the top. He just needs to get the experience under his belt before looking to conquer the two brothers. He can gain that experience by next moving on to the European scene and looking to capture the European belt.

Price is a knock-out puncher, and that alone draws people to you. Even casual fans of the sport will go and see David Price because of his punching power. Casual fans want to see knock-outs. He has a big following in the UK and is already a draw – which is becoming an ever increasing thing that you must have if you want to fight the best and secure big pay-days.

There is no rush needed with David Price. He has the talent and is in good hands with his promoter, Frank Maloney. However it is Price’s own hands which will determine just how far he goes and how much he achieves in this sport.

That’s all I have for this week people. I would like to thank everyone who sent in their questions, it is very much appreciated.



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