Moments ago, Martin Murray returned to the ring with an impressive performance to stop unbeaten Jorge Navarro in Manchester.  Murray was in second gear all night, boxing on the move using the jab, working the openings and looking to go in for the kill every time he had his many in trouble.  The possibility of Sergio Martinez is as strong as ever now providing Martinez recovers well from surgery which reports suggest he is.

Round 1

Decent round for Murray as he boxed clever in the early minutes, moving around the ring jabbing well, and getting out of range after landing.  Brilliant right hook from Murray sends Navarro to the floor who to be fair does well to answer the count but looks unsteady as Murray goes in for the kill landing combinations and piling pressure on, but Navarro survives the round.

Murray 10-8 Navarro

Round 2

More of a slower round with Murray boxing on the move again luring Navarro in but keeping him out of danger with the jab, appears as if Murray was waiting for Navarro to make an error to counter, but Navarro was a bit more solid and tighter defensively in this round and did land a decent body shot of his own.

Murray 10-9 Navarro

Round 3

Another steady round from Murray in total control, not really having to exert himself, using his jab, and looking to land the big right hand over the top, which had little success in this round, but does land a few stiff jabs and a good body shot.  Navarro too slow to really cause a threat.

Murray 10-9 Navarro

Round 4

Murray seemed to step the tempo up a little bit during this round doubling his jab up and landing combinations, but still looking in control and taking his time. Navarro had a period where Murray decided to stay on the ropes with Navarro throwing body shots and head shots which Murray blocked well.  Encouraging performance from Murray looking sharp and in total control, with the right hand over the top looking threatening.

Murray 10-9 Navarro

Round 5

Brilliant round from Murray, his best since the first, brilliant right hand over the top had Navarro in trouble in the last minute of the round, and Murray went for the kill, with three and four punch combinations in a good sustained attack to finish the job, but Navarro got through it and saw the round out.

Murray 10-9 Navarro

Round 6

Brilliant round again from Murray, as a brilliant right hand over the top puts Navarro down for the second time who gets up and answers the 8 count, but looked out of it.  Murray moved in for the kill with another brilliant right hand that sends Navarro back into the corner and then unleashing combinations with the Navarro corner throwing the towel in and the fight is over.

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