On Kell Brook; The Furious Fury; George Groves; Box Nation & Golden Boy


Kell Brook fights Argentine Hector Saldivia this weekend in his home-town of Sheffield in a final eliminator to become the mandatory challenger for the IBF world welterweight title. Obviously a win is a necessity for Brook, but the main focus of attention will be in how he achieves that victory – if he is to win at all, of course.

Should he win in convincing fashion, we can expect the Sky Sports commentary team – save Jim Watt who’s head is a bit below the clouds – and pundits sitting in the studio to be salivating over Brook and claiming him to be the next best thing in boxing. They will stop just short of labelling him Jesus.

Brook undoubtedly has talent, but it’s hard to know what his ceiling is given his level of opponent so far. Carson Jones has proved to be his toughest test yet, and while I freely admit to underestimating Jones, by the same token could I, and many others, have over-rated Kell Brook? It’s all subjective, like most things in the sport, but after hyping up Lucian Bute to beat Carl Froch because “despite who he’s faced, you can see the talent,” I’m a little more reserved on declaring a fighter to be a genuine talent when he hasn’t fought genuine talent himself.

If Kell Brook defeats Hector Saldivia, will he be ready for the winner of Devon Alexander vs. Randall Bailey? – which takes place on the same night. It’s a legitimate question, and even if Brook wins I’m not convinced that the Messiah, Eddie Hearn, will match Brook with the winner. He’s already rejected one offer for Kell Brook to fight for a world title – and no, before you tell me why or link me to an article explaining why he did so, I already know, and I disagree with his reasons. So there.

Much will depend on Brook’s performance; if it’s good, Hearn may feel more confident in matching him with Alexander or Bailey. If it’s not good, then he won’t be fighting for a world title any time soon.



Tyson Fury seems like a pleasant young man doesn’t he? Boy, can he talk.

David Haye and Audley Harrison are good talkers; they could talk to you for 10 minutes and after that you’d probably be willing to give either of them your bank card details. They are very convincing. Tyson Fury on the other hand, when he talks, I don’t know whether to laugh or be scared. When he is talking through twitter I can laugh, but when I see him talking on camera he can look positively evil at times. He’s a scary guy.

As far as trash talking goes he’s probably one of the best and most amusing out there right now. From his interview on Channel Five last Saturday, where he called Audley Harrison a bum and said David Price and Tony Bellew were lovers, to his insane rants at anyone and everyone on Twitter, the guy is crazy. But amusing.

He is a promoters wet dream.

With regards to a potential fight with David Price, it’s went from being “yeah I’d like to see that,” to “I really need to see that.” In a boxing sense it is a better fight than Haye vs. Chisora, but it may not surpass the event. Unless Tyson decides to invade a press conference and punch everything that moves – which is entirely possible.



George Groves, current Commonwealth super-middleweight champion, is, apparently, set to meet former light heavyweight champion Glen Johnson on December 15th in London. Frank Warren announced the fight, only for Johnson to come out and say nothing was finalised. So who knows if it’s happening or not.

Anyway, I would much rather Johnson stayed retired, but at the same time, I think he has enough left to give Groves a test. On paper this will be Groves’ toughest fight in his 14-fight career so far. I think he wins, if his chin holds up – and Johnson will test it.

Groves finds himself in a bit of a lose-lose situation with this fight; if he wins – well, he was meant to because Johnson is shot; if he loses – he’s been found out and is a NOBODY and/or a BUM. All Groves can do is win and win well.

It’s a nice step-up for Groves as he looks to position himself for a shot at a world title, and to be fair to him he is improving with every passing fight.



Seems like Box Nation are in cahoots with Golden Boy. Which is no bad thing, by the way, as it means plenty of fights broadcast in the UK.

Perhaps that explains why, recently, there have been no Top Rank cards on display at the true “Home of Boxing.” That may or may not be the case, but it figures to be a possibility given the Golden Boy-Top Rank rivalry.

Or maybe Bob just doesn’t like Frank.

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