DAVID PRICE ON SKELTON AND FURY: “Someone threatening to put me in intensive care? Is that supposed to scare me? “

Fighthype’s Gary Mushrow was on hand yesterday at Liverpool’s Cafe Sports England for a Frank Maloney media day to announce the November 30th  clash between British heavyweight sensation David Price and the Bedford Bear Matt Skelton. We managed to catch a word with the reigning British and Commonwealth Heavyweight champion about his next fight and his previous bout with Audley Harrison.

GM: David thanks for taking the time for a few words. First of all, not much down time in between your fights. Are you really trying to get a move on and clear up the domestic scene?

DP: Yeah I want to stay busy. It’s important to stay busy and this will be my fourth fight in 2012; they were all scheduled twelve rounders so that’s busy! It’s good to stay busy you’re earning money, you’re keeping in the gym, you’re keeping sharp – it’s ideally really.

GM: Like against Audley Harrison a few of the media outlets are questioning the quality of the opponent in Matt Skelton. Are you confident he may be able to give you a few more rounds than Harrison did?

DP: Yeah I am. He’s going to bring something different to the table. As far as quality of the opponent is concerned; defending my British title – tell me someone who else is there? I’ve took Audley Harrison out, Matt Skelton is there. He’s already held the British title, European title and challenged for the World title so it’s my 15th fight, it’s another step up in my opinion. Matt Skelton has been a better professional than Audley Harrison, he’s a lot stronger, he doesn’t get intimidated by anyone – no fear, he’s a hard man, it’s a tough fight. So you know it’s not an issue for me, the big fights will come people just need to be a little patient. Every fight to me is massive. The big ones that will get the fans excited – they will come.

GM: Is Derek Chisora an option? Obviously not overlooking Matt Skelton.

DP: Not looking past Skelton but yeah. Chisora would be viewed as a real step up, personally for me and also in the eyes of a lot of other people because I know it would be a hard fight. So yeah that is something that we would look at definitely.

GM: With your last fight being shown in the USA on Wealth TV – giving you some serious exposure in the States, are you aiming to get a fight over there in the not too distant future?

DP: I’d like to fight in America next year if possible but obviously Liverpool and Great Britain is where my bread is buttered. If I’m doing well with tickets here, selling well and getting a good fan base then we’ll stay here for the time being and when the time is right we’ll look at dipping our toe in over in America.

GM: With such an impressive knockout over Audley Harrison I felt the media tended to focus more on the demise of Harrison rather the spectacular performance you put on at the Echo Arena. Did that disappoint you a little bit?

DP:  Yeah to be honest I got great reviews from the press nationally. I got a lot of positive stuff, I seen a couple of boxing websites on the internet which were negative but I can understand Audley’s reputation. No one has ever done that to Audley Harrison in that fashion. I mean without comparing me to Mike Tyson or Audley Harrison to Michael Spinks – because Michael Spinks was a great Champion but he didn’t really have the reputation going into the fight; but Spinks didn’t get accused of not performing when Mike Tyson knocked him out in the 1st round and that was viewed as Mike Tyson’s best ever performance.

So it’s because of Audley’s reputation prior to the fight, but the fact is I really took everything away from him straight away. He didn’t have an opportunity to get into the fight through no fault of his own, he just got caught and I finished the job. I know you can’t please everyone and I’m not going to try and please everyone, you’ve just got to take the criticism with the praise and I’m happy with criticism as long as it is constructive.

GM: Finally social media platforms mainly Twitter are buzzing at the moment because of Tyson Fury’s recent outbursts towards you. Do you feel he is just doing this to keep himself relevant while you’re grabbing the headlines with great performances? Obviously he knows the fight can’t happen anytime soon because of the TV station deals.

DP: I know, of course it can’t. It’s all hot air at the minute but it’s good to build the fight for the future. You know it’s going to be a massive fight down the line if it can be made. Yeah he’s keeping his name out there, he’s good at that being in the papers or whatever – good luck to him with it because the words he’s saying to me don’t mean a thing to me. Someone threatening to put me in intensive care? Is that supposed to scare me? But it’s got people talking and I am appreciative that Tyson Fury is here – a heavyweight fighter. We are fortunate to have each other. It’s good to have a rival – a nemesis, it creates interest. It creates big fights. I feel lucky that he’s here and I just hope the fight can be made because I do feel genuinely that we both want it to happen. We’ve both got to keep doing what we’re doing and winning and then we can look at the fight. We can prove who is the best man and I think that is me obviously.

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2 Responses to “DAVID PRICE ON SKELTON AND FURY: “Someone threatening to put me in intensive care? Is that supposed to scare me? “”

  1. Who the hell watches WEALTH TV ?? Can’t have been much exposure there, one would think.

    Did David Price seriously state that no one else has smashed Audley Harrison like that ?? DOH David Haye, Michael Sprott !!! How convenient that he forgot those smackdowns.

    I like David Price, but he’s a no-one in the boxing world till he faces a legitimate opponent, and Matt Skelton IS NOT one of those.

    • Steve says:

      Harrison’s KO losses to Haye and Sprott were both in the 3rd round, so no, he hasn’t been dismantled so quickly before.

      Matt Skelton is a good little step up and you can’t really complain when Pricey is fighting again so soon. He’s cleaning up the best British fighters at the moment. I’m sure after beating Skelton, he’ll be stepping up again and soon we’ll be seeing him proving himself at the European and world levels. He is being brought along at the right pace.

      Tyson Fury is in the ring magazine’s top 10 heavyweights and it wont be too long before we see Pricey on that list, passing Fury and heading towards a world title showdown.

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