The Brutality of Boxing: An interview with Kieran Farrell – Part 2

In part one, Kieran Farrell discussed, in length, his thoughts and emotions when told he would have to retire from boxing at the age of 22. He also revealed some distressing information when detailing his fight with Anthony Crolla. However, in part two things start to look up for the Heywood man as he reveals his future plans and general outlook on life.

“I can see the danger (of boxing) and all that now, but it’s like I say every fighter knows the risk when getting in the ring. Saying that I never thought this would happen to me.”

“I love boxing and I breathe boxing. I know some fighters in the sport that are not dedicated to it because they are out drinking and stuff like that but they are blessed with good health to carry on boxing.”

The once Central Area lightweight champion has revealed that former boxer, turned pundit, Spencer Oliver has been advising him on how to move on from his premature retirement. Oliver, found himself in an identical situation in 1998, when he had to retire after only 14 fights due to a blood clot in his brain. Therefore, if anyone knew what was going through the congested mind of Kieran Farrell, it was Spencer Oliver.

“It happened to Spencer, he was exactly the same.” He narrated. “I was sparring with Ashley Theophane and I paid out of my own pocket to travel to spar with a British champion and that’s when I first met Spencer. When he told me about everything it’s exactly the same of what I’ve been going through, like breaking out crying on the street.”

“I was in bed and he told me to get out of bed now and go to the plastic factory(a vacant industrial unit close to Farrell’s home) and talk to them about renting it out and make it your own gym. I went and did it and I felt so happy. He told me don’t wait around for 12 months, do something now and be positive.”

Before the fight with Crolla took place, Farrell was ranked as the 15th best lightweight in Britain after only 13 fights, and a victory over his local rival would have led to a Commonwealth belt opportunity against Liverpool’s Derry Mathews. Last summer, Farrell stopped the unbeaten Joe Elfidh in the 5th round to win the vacant Central Area lightweight title. Things were looking bright for the Coldwell Boxing promoted prospect and undoubtedly Farrell would have carried on his promising rise through the British domestic scene. Although his career has been cut short, ‘Vicious’ has the tools and necessities that boxing has equipped him with to move forward in a new career as a trainer.

“I live in a row of terrace houses and there are two factories, a metal factory and a plastic factory but the plastic factory is vacant. So I’m going to speak with the owner and he’s going to send me a contract to rent the place out. I will clean the place out and put a ring in there and once that’s all done I want to become a boxing and personal trainer.”

“In the near future I want my gym up and running. I want to be training professionals and I want to be training amateurs as well. Someone said to me you can be the youngest trainer to train a champion. I would love that because I would want to train champions like in the Kronk Gym. This is going to be my empire and I want fighters coming out of there to come out successful”.

Vicious and clinical inside the ring, Farrell is nothing like that outside of the squared circle. His interaction with the fans has been well noted and he explains that he has been moved by the messages of support he has received from fans, pundits and boxers alike.

“I wake up with hundreds of messages on Facebook and Twitter. I sit there reading them and it always brings a tear to my eye actually. There was a guy from the States who always sends me messages and after all that’s happened he got back to me saying that I am still his idol. For me to be someone’s idol is overwhelming.

“All I want fans to do is come into the gym, even if they just want a picture signed. Everyone is free to come in the gym and use the equipment available. Without the fans the gym wouldn’t work. “

David Coldwell has confirmed that there will be a benefit dinner for Farrell on April 20th in Manchester, which will be available to the public. The money raised will go to the former boxer to help financially with setting up his gym.

“To be honest I don’t even know what a benefit dinner is! I know it’s going to be a nice night where we are all dressed up and have a three course meal. All the proceeds will go to me and help with the funding of the gym so it’s great.”

“I haven’t got a lot of money myself. A friend of mine put in for a lottery fund for 50 grand, they said they have it but they need a registered charity number. So if anyone can help me out that would be perfect. I would also like to quickly thank my sponsors who will still sponsor me to help with the everyday running of the gym.”

Speaking in length with Farrell, you can hear a man who is distraught at the fact that he will never box again. However, you get to see that not only is he a warrior inside the ring, he is a warrior outside as well. He confesses that nothing will ever replicate fighting in the ring but there is no point on dwelling on it. With the birth of his daughter Keira, the support of his close knit family and the upcoming journey as a trainer, it seems that the Heywood native has found a way of filling the void that boxing has left. Like he was determined to win every fight, he is equally dedicated to carving out a successful career as a trainer. To say boxing is in his blood is an understatement. This man lives and breathes the sport and his attitude has been nothing but positive.

If anyone would like to help Kieran Farrell set up his gym buy donating materials or labour please get in touch with him on twitter @ViciousFarrell
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