In the past week, the hot topic in the boxing world has been the emergence of the news that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr tested positive for Marijuana in the after math of his lop sided defeat to Middleweight king Sergio Martinez.  Whilst Marijuana is not labeled a performance enhancing drug, it is on the list of banned substances.

An investigation into the matter is being carried out to try and uncover the facts into this failed test, and in a tweet earlier today, the  official twitter account for the WBC (World Boxing Council) stated “no news,they (investigators) told us there will be news on Monday”

Speculation is growing that Chavez Jr could face a lengthy ban from the sport, especially being as this is a second offence, and rightfully so.  Lets not forget the first test he failed in 2009,was followed by support from Top Rank and trainer Freddie Roach suggesting the young Mexican had turned the corner and was resolving them issues.  Despite those claims, Chavez Jr ducked out of a post fight drugs test after his win against Marco Antonio Rubio, and then decided to take his post fight drugs test before his bout against Andy Lee, rather than after, hmm, do we have a right to be suspicious? absolutely.

It is well documented that WBC President Jose Sulaiman is the Godfather to Chavez Jr  and upon hearing the news stated the following:

“Whoever released that note has committed a serious violation of confidentiality. According to anti doping regulations, only the boxer, the Boxing Commission and the World Boxing Council, can be notified about the positive results, in order to give the boxer to have the chance to appoint a representative to be present at the opening of the second test, which has to be made in a special laboratory appointed by the WADA.”  

So it appears that Jose Sulaiman is not happy with the revelations being released….

“I also want to refute what my friend, the promoter Bob Arum, said to ESPN about that there’s no promoter or boxers who could pass the marijuana test, including himself, to which I’m absolutely and totally opposed. Because it is an irresponsible statement. I do not accept that all boxers and boxing people have ever consumed drugs.”
“In the 50 years of history of the WBC there have been 13 cases in all its fights and only 2 have been in championship bouts…boxing is clean of drugs.

“Finally, there are two types of personalities in the boxing commissions in the world. One that consists of commissioners who only care about guilt and punishment. But there are others, many of them in the WBC, that regardless of the punishment to be taken if rules are broken, that have a benevolent spirit. They help the boxer to try to rehabilitate and not just to be thrown it into an abyss.

“If the second test indicates that the first test was false there is nothing to pursue. But if the second test confirms the rumors, and Chavez accepts his guilt, the WBC will impose a punishment for Chavez Jr, in which he can be subjected to medical rehabilitation and then the WBC would open the door for him to resume his brilliant career”
“We hope that the Nevada Boxing Commission informs the WBC about developments, because while they only exclusively act on the violation concerning the specific instance, the WBC has its responsibility for the professional life of the boxers.”


Whilst all the facts and figures are eagerly waited upon by the vast majority of the boxing world, one must wonder, was the skipped test (after Rubio) and the test time adjustment (before Lee) a way of hiding something?What do you think folks?

WADA were reportedly planning a major shake up in their rules which will spare athletes a ban if they are caught with Cannabis in their system.  Currently the rule states a 2 year ban from the sport, and will appear to remain that way until at least November 2013 when the policies are being reviewed.

Check out the list of banned substances below for WADA


Check out the link below for the USADA substance policies, advice and information on substances that may be used and banned in sport.


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