This ‘Weekend in Boxing’ is yet another interesting one.  BoxNation starts things off and I’ll be honest, the order in which they’re showing the matches is a bit cryptic.  Nonetheless they’ve got Denton Vassell vs. Ronnie Heffron, Bradley Saunders vs. Peter McDonagh and the bout that’s stealing all of the attention on that bill, Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff vs. Richard Dawson (appears it’s still on).  BoxNation, WealthTV and SuperSport keep the Friday boxing going with legitimate heavyweight contender David Price facing Matt Skelton and Steve Williams vs. Kirk Goodings also on the bill.  Saturday begins with another heavyweight contender, Tyson Fury battling Kevin Johnson on the UK’s Channel 5 and America’s WealthTV and Chris Eubank Jr. vs. Bradley Pryce.  Afterwards, Showtime’s treating us to a big time boxing match with Miguel Cotto vs. Austin Trout.  The undercard includes New York native Danny Jacobs against Chris Fitzpatrick.  Telefutura’s Solo Boxeo Tecate’s broadcasting Manuel Avila vs. Ricky Lopez and Alan Sanchez vs. Miguel Munguia (or Sergio Rivera?)

Read on for the full ‘Weekend in Boxing.’

As always, this is some of what’s being televised and what I’ll try my best to watch.


BoxNation – 18:45 GMT/1.45 p.m. ET (start time for the various undercards).

Denton Vassell (19-0-0) vs. Ronnie Heffron (11-0-0).  Welterweights, 12 rounds.

- Neither Denton Vassell nor Ronnie Heffron wants to suffer their first defeat.  Since I’m writing this a bit late, it’s possible that matters might have already been decided.

Bradley Saunders (4-0-0) vs. Peter ’Connemara Kid’ McDonagh (18-26-0).  Welterweights, 8 rounds.

-Bradley Saunders has apparently looked solid so far and aims to continue that against Peter McDonagh.  This one might also have already been sorted out at time of publishing.

Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff (0-0-0) vs. Richard Dawson (2-0-0).

- Andrew Flintoff is making the leap from cricket to pugilism as he faces the still very wet behind the ears Richard Dawson.   As with the above matches, my tardiness might mean this one is already done and dusted, or not.

BoxNation & WealthTV – 19:30 GMT / 2.30 p.m. ET

David Price(14-0-0) vs. Matt Skelton (28-6-0).  Heavyweights, 12 rounds.

-David Price is fresh off his demolition of Audley Harrison.  Some would argue that Matt Skelton’s a step down and I’m inclined to agree, but maybe I’m wrong.  Skelton will bring more inside style of boxing than Harrison did, which should present different challenge for Price.  David Price has announced that should he beat Skelton, Dereck Chisora’s next.

Steve Williams (12-1-1) vs. Kirk ‘Bulletproof’ Goodings (7-0-0).  Light welterweights, 12 rounds.

- Steve Williams faces undefeated Kirk Goodings.  Another bout which might be finished by the time of publication.


Channel 5 & WealthTV 19:00 GMT / 4:00 p.m.

Tyson Fury (19-0-0) vs. Kevin ‘Kingpin’ Johnson (28-2-1).  Heavyweights, 12 rounds.

-Tyson Fury is the other side of Britain’s main heavyweight (active heavyweights) coin.  He’s promised to beat up the “fat pudding” that is Kevin Johnson.  Johnson has a bit of credibility and is one of Fury’s top opponents to date, but is definitely the underdog.  One thing of note is that Johnson is trained by Mayweather, but as they say your trainer isn’t the one doing the fighting.

Phil ‘Intense’ Fury (12-3-0) vs. Joe ‘the Faith’ Hillerby (8-1-0).   Middleweights, 8 rounds.

-I’ve never watched Phil Fury before so my impression is that his main claim to fame is the Fury surname (lyrics…me ‘ave lyrics!).   Joe Hillerby seems to be on a similar level to Fury.  We’ll find out soon enough.

Chris Eubank Jr. (7-0-0) vs. Bradley Pryce (33-11-0).  Super middleweights, 8 rounds.

-Chris Eubank Jr.’s star continues to be on the rise.  Bradley Pryce is a late replacement for original opponent Matt Hainey.  Late replacements are generally viewed as easy pickings, but Pryce is Eubank Jr.’s most accomplished foe to date.

Showtime & BoxNation – 9:00 p.m ET / 02:00 GMT (Sunday morning)

Miguel Cotto (37-3-0) vs. Austin ‘No Doubt’ Trout (25-0-0).  Light middleweights, 12 rounds.

-Miguel Cotto is obviously the big name here and is probably the favourite in many people’s minds.  I can understand the rationale.  Cotto’s been a top boxer for a while and his recent form has arguably been his best, or at least very close to it.  Austin Trout respects Cotto, but has every right to believe that he can leave with a victory.  This match has already been previewed on the blog and the front page.  My only addition is that I’m picking ‘No Doubt’ Trout in what should be a closely contested bout.

Danny ‘the Miracle Man’ Jacobs (23-1-0) vs. Chris ‘the Irish Ghost’ Fitzpatrick (15-2-0).  Super middleweights, 12 rounds.

-Danny Jacobs looked solid in his return to the ring a short while ago and plans to keep moving in that direction.  Chris Fitzpatrick has lost two of his last three matches and is undoubtedly the underdog.


Telefutura’s Solo Boxeo Tecate 12:00 am ET / 05:00 GMT

Manuel ‘Tino’ Avila (10-0-0) vs. Ricky Lopez (9-1-0).  Super bantamweight, 8 rounds.

-Manuel Avila’s expected to make it 11-0-0 after tonight but Ricky Lopez won’t just roll over and play dead.

Alan Sanchez (11-2-1) vs. Miguel Munguia (26-25-1).  Welterweights, 8 rounds.

-Alan Sanchez seems to have learnt from his two losses in ’09 and ’10, which weren’t stoppages.  Manuel Munguia is scheduled to be his opponent (unless it’s actually Sergio Rivera) and his veteran experience might mean he’s got a few surprises for the relative neophyte, Sanchez.

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