Sergio Martinez could easily borrow the famous line from Hannibal of the A-Team, “I love it when a plan comes together,” or he could use the equally iconic phrase from B.A Baracus, “I pity the fool!” Another very enjoyable helping of the good stuff was served up this weekend.  Results included victories for Sergio Martinez, Canelo Alvarez, Guillermo Rigondeaux, Marcos Maidana, Daniel Ponce De Leon and Yoan Pablo Hernandez.  Prospects Billy Joe Saunders, Bradley Skeete, Richard Commey, Leo Santa Cruz and Rocky Martinez also won.   It was also nice to see GBP give each of the boxers on their ‘Knockout Kings’ bill a $25,000 bonus.  They could probably have afforded a bit more (an even $30k), but it was a very nice gesture nonetheless.  Today’s photo was courtesy of Lou DiBella’s twitter account (@LouDiBella), which I believe was a forward from someone else (@FightFansUnite).

Read on for the full ‘Weekend Round Up.

‘Superb’ Billy Joe Saunders improved to 15-0-0, as Jarrod ‘Left Jab’ Fletcher falls to 12-1-0. Middleweights.

- Billy Joe Saunders star continues to rise.  Remaining undefeated by stopping Jarrod Fletcher in resounding fashion, Saunders dropped Fletcher in the second round and immediately pounced on him.  The referee had no choice but to stop the fight – Saunders by 2nd round TKO.  It’ll be interesting to see who he fights next in the great middleweight division.

Bradley Skeete improves to 9-3-0 vs. Peter ‘Connemara Kid’ McDonagh (18-25-0). Welterweights, 10 rounds.

- Further proof that records aren’t everything.  The losing record having Peter McDonagh took it down to the wire against Bradley Skeete in a close contest.  Referee’s score was 97-95 for Skeete

Kris Agyei-Dua picks up a draw (4-1-2) against Nathan Graham (13-4-1). Light Middleweights.

- The referee scored it 96-96.

Richard Commey improves to 13-0-0 as Kris ‘Badger’ Hughes falls to 15-3-0. Lightweights.

- I missed this entire bill, but apparently it was a fourth round stoppage by the undefeated Ghanaian.  According to reports he even busted out a bit of Ghana’s dancing sensation ‘the Azonto.’  We are supposed to see him against Tommy Coyle next.

Yoan Pablo Hernandez improved to 27-1-1 against Troy Ross (25-3-0). Cruiserweights.

- This was a very enjoyable boxing match.  It had lots of bruising cruiserweight punches and effective ring strategy that boxing fans like to see.  This was not supposed to have been as close as it was.   The match began with Yoan Pablo Hernandez’ outside strategy paying the bills against the much smaller Troy Ross, but that was not the case for the all of the fight.   Hernandez probably helped by not religiously sticking to the outside approach, but Ross deserves a lot of credit. He started to really trouble Hernandez in the fourth round and knocked him down in the fifth.  The sequence started with a left that clipped Hernandez and was capped by a right hand. Even though he was the much smaller boxer he used strategy to overcome that deficit by timing Hernandez and frequently succeeding.  The jab that he used opportunistically also helped lay the foundation for his big punches.  Almost every round was exciting, especially rounds 3, 5 and 9 (round 9 was insane).  It wasn’t all Ross though as Hernandez put together some nice punches and probably did enough to win.  While the decision was unanimous for Hernandez I thought that was as a bit inaccurate because he got knocked down and was definitely hurt by some of Ross’s punches. I would’ve been more comfortable with a split decision for Hernandez, a draw or even a Ross victory (he would have to give Hernandez a rematch anyway and I doubt that Hernandez will give Ross a rematch).  Nonetheless it was a great boxing match, very nicely done by Ross and hopefully his management get him some good fights.   All scores for Hernandez : 114-113 ;115-112; 116-112

Marcos ‘el Chino’ Maidana improved to 32-3-0 vs. Jesus ‘Renuente’ Soto Karass (26-8-3). Welterweights.

-Marcos Maidana answered my questions from Friday.  Yes, he maintained (improved) his K.O. percentage in his second match as a welterweight.  I also debated on Friday if he’d look limited, but he didn’t, instead he showed.  That being said, Jesus Soto Karass was very, very hittable and even though he had a nice height advantage he leant in a bit too much for my liking and paid the price.  I think that Karass knows how to box, he just seems to like that aggressive style, which Maidana exploited with nice movement and accuracy.  After 8 extremely entertaining rounds, Marcos Maidana scored the resounding TKO.

Leo ‘Teremoto’ Santa Cruz improves to 21-0-1 as Eric ‘Little Hands of Steel’ Morel drops to 46-4-0. Bantamweights.

- Leo Santa Cruz passed his veteran exam against Eric Morel with flying colours.  The fight was mostly on the inside, which was not what Eric Morel should’ve done.  Santa Cruz punished the older Morel to the body and head.  Morel initially gave as good as he got, but the younger boxer kept up the pressure and forced Morel to retire on his stool at the end of the 5th round.

Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez improves to 41-0-1 as  Josesito Lopez drops to 30-5-0). Light middleweights.

- Saul Alvarez was the favourite going into this one and as expected he won.  It was a decisive victory, but an asterisk has to go along with that because of the clear advantage in power held by the natural light middleweight over the light welterweight/welterweight.  Josesito Lopez is taller than Alvarez and his frame could support the increase in weight, so the size discrepancy wasn’t completely ludicrous, but it was obvious.  Lopez showed that he was there to fight and not just survive, but it was essentially a one sided match.  Alvarez can definitely box and combined with his power advantage he knocked Lopez down three times before the referee stopped it in the 5th.  Congrats to Lopez for doing his best and reminding all that Alvarez is hittable, but he was just outgunned.  Questions still linger as to whether Alvarez can hang with the elite boxers at 154 and 160 but it looks like GBP will be matching him with someone along those lines next.

Jhonny Gonzalez drops to  52-8-0 as Daniel Ponce De Leon improves to 44-4-0. Featherweights.

- This was yet another entertaining bout on the ‘Knockout Kings’ bill.  Keeping it short, Daniel Ponce De Leon was ahead until an accidental head butt forced the fight to be stopped.  Both boxers were cut, but Jhonny Gonzalez’s cut was over his eye and quite severe.  The proceedings were called to a halt and it went to the scorecards.  Scores were 77-74, 79-72 and 79-72 all for Ponce De Leon.

Sergio ‘Maravilla’ Martinez improves to 50-2-2 as Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. drops to 46-1-1. Middleweights.

- I don’t think that anyone was disappointed with this one.  Even the fans of Julio Caesar Chavez can point to his 12th round knockdown of Sergio Martinez (the second wasn’t a knockdown and the ref. acknowledged that – just watched the 12th round again) as reasons for hope in the apparently guaranteed rematch.  Errrm…sorry guys I wouldn’t put too much stock in Chavez Jr. being the better man the second time around.  If you were unfortunate enough to miss it, this site has a round by round review and I’m pretty sure that it’ll be repeated this weekend.   Masterful stuff from Martinez and proof yet again that an undefeated record against soft touches won’t get help you when you’re in the ring with a boxer of Sergio Martinez’ calibre.  While I expect the rematch to result in another Martinez victory, I’ll watch it and this time I’m betting the house.

Guillermo ‘el Chacal’ Rigoondeaux improves to 11-0-0 as Robert Marroquin drops to 22-2-0. Super bantamweights.

- Guillermo Rigondeaux continues to be one of my favourite boxers.  The man is pure, unadulterated quality.  Robert Marroquin made a good accounting of himself and used his size advantage as well has he could.  Marroquin was able to land some nice ones in the early to middle and latter parts of the match.  Unfortunately for him Rigondeaux is a patient man and had that straight left ready for him as well as exploiting whatever openings Marroquin presented when he tried to move in.  Rigondeaux scored two knockdowns, both off that crisp straight left en route to a clear unanimous decision.  Judges scores were 118-109, 118-108 and 118-108.

Roman ‘Rocky’ Martinez improves to 27-1-1 as Miguel Beltran Jr. drops to 26-2-0. Super featherweights.

- Looks like sometimes the edge on paper translates into an edge in the ring.  This was a close one that was mostly fought on the inside.  Martinez was awarded the split decision 111-116, 114-113 and 114-113.

Matthew ‘Mack the Knife’ Macklin improved to 29-4-0 as Joachim ‘Ti-Joa’ Alcine drops to 33-3-1. Middleweights.

-  Matthew Macklin got back on the horse in spectacular fashion against Joachim Alcine.  In an unexpected “don’t blink” match, Macklin demolished Alcine in a first round TKO.  He sent Alcine to the canvas once before finishing the job seconds later and forcing the referee to stop proceedings.  We’ll more than likely see Macklin in a more high profile bout soon.


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