There’s time for one more ‘Weekend Round Up’ before I’m given my annual Christmas day lump of coal.  Tomasz Adamek enjoyed another controversial victory courtesy of a split decision over Steve Cunningham.  Vyacheslav Glazkov showed promise as he stopped Tor Hamer.

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Tomasz ‘Goral’ Adamek (48-2-0) vs. Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham (25-5-0).  Heavyweights, 12 rounds.

- Tomasz Adamek did enough in the eyes of the judges, not mine, to earn a split decision over Steve Cunnngham.  It was an undoubtedly close boxing match between the more powerful Adamek and the more technically impressive Cunningham.  Both boxers showed solid technique but Cunningham possessed a relatively better jab and superior movement.  The opening rounds were typified by occasional big punches from both guys with Cunningham making Adamek miss on many occasions.  Adamek did have some success with his power punches but Cunningham also connected with some bombs and touched Adamek with quite a few strategic jabs.  The last few rounds saw Cunningham seeming the more fatigued of the two.  Nonetheless, in the 10th round he landed a solid straight right and left and subsequently a nice left immediately followed by a right.  Adamek connected with a strong, right body punch as the round was waning.  Although it was hard to decide on the intent, Adamek head butted Cunningham and it clearly hurt.  The remaining rounds were typified by Cunningham getting the better of the exchanges, but he also wisely chose not to short sightedly stand in the middle of the ring with the heavier punching Adamek.  Both guys used their jab to effect in the final stanza, but to me Cunningham was the more successful in the 12th.  The judges disagreed with my assessment and scored it 115-112 Adamek, 115-113 Cunningham, 116-112, Adamek.   A third rematch is definitely in order.

Tor Hamer drops to 19-2-0 as Vyacheslav ‘Czar’ Glazkov improves to 14-0-0.  Heavyweights, 8 rounds.

- Vyacheslav Glazkov acquitted himself quite well as he stopped NYC’s own Tor Hamer on American network TV.  The first round saw Hamer using the jab nicely.  Not just as a distraction, but occasionally with commitment.  Glazkov also used his jab but less than Hamer.  There was also an exchange on the inside.  Glazkov started to connect with effect in the second round as typified by a nice left cross.  Hamer certainly had his moments but nothing that definitive.  Round 3 was clearly in Glazkov’s favour as he displayed nice punch selection and execution, including prudent movement.  The same in the fourth as Glazkov connected with some big punches as well as discrete but powerful body punches.  Tor Hamer didn’t emerge from his corner at the start of the fifth. Vyacheslav Glazkov victory was ruled a fourth round TKO.   A bit of a side note, before the fight, heavyweight contender Bryant Jennings, described a strategy for Hamer that was completely different than the one employed by the New Yorker.  What’s done is done, but I do think that if Hamer had used something more along the lines of that described by Jennings he would’ve stood a better chance.  Of course I have the luxury of hindsight, but if Hamer wants to continue as a professional boxer then I think he should have a serious discussion with his current team or even consider other trainers.

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