We’ve got a lot to round up today.  The weekend began with victories for Raymundo Beltran, Jesse Magdaleno and Jessie Vargas. James Degale looked comfortable as he won.  The same went for Kid Galahad and Chris Eubank Jr..  The super middleweight division was active with victories for both Mikel Kessler and Darren Barker.  Erick Ochieng, Khalid Yafai and Callum smith were victors while Carson Jones drew against Dean Byrne.  The ‘Earthquake in Essex’ headline bout, Nathan Graham vs. Kris Agyei Dua might have ended up ruled a no contest (details pending).  Also on that bill, heavyweight Ian Lewison claimed an impressive victory.  Juan Manuel Marquez literally counter punched the sense out of Manny Pacquaio.  On the undercard, Yuriorkis Gamboa, Javier Fortuna and Miguel Vazquez won.  Heavyweight Bryant Jennings delivered a great K.O. on NBCSports. Ricardo Williams, Jermell Charlo and Rau’Shee Warren overcame their opponents on Fox Deportes.

Read on for the full ‘Weekend Round Up.’


 ‘Sugar’ Raymundo Beltran (27-6-0) vs. Ji-Hoon ‘Volcano’ Kim (24-8-0).  Lightweights, 12 rounds.

- Raymundo Beltran‘s victory over Ji-Hoon Kim was scored a unanimous decision: 98-92, 97-94 and 98-92.

Jesse Magdaleno (13-0-0) vs. Jonathan Arrellano (13-2-1).  Superbantamweights, 8 rounds.

-Jesse Magdaleno beat Jonathan Arrellano on the judges’ cards by a margin of 80-69, 80-70 and 80-70.


Jessie Vargas (21-0-0) vs. Vito ‘Casper’ Gasparyan (14-3-5).  Light middleweights, 10 rounds.

- Scores of 98-90, 98-91 and 98-91 meant a unanimous decision for Jessie Vargas against Vito Gasparyan.


Brian Magee drops to 36-5-1 as Mikel ‘the Viking Warrior’ Kessler is now 46-2-0.  Super middleweights, 12 rounds.

-Mike Kessler stopped Brian Magee in the third round after landing a final body punch (one of many).  The referee waved it off in the third and the official ruling was a TKO for Kessler.  As mentioned in ‘Weekend in Boxing,’ Froch/Kessler is in discussions.  Obviously Carl Froch’s pending rematch with Lucian Bute has to be addressed first.

‘Dazzling’ Darren Barker (24-1-0) vs. Kerry Hope (18-4-0).  Super middleweights, 12 rounds.

- Darren Barker ended a year long ring absence by stopping Kerry Hope via TKO in the fourth round.

Erick ‘the Eagle’ Ochieng (12-1-0) vs. Max ‘Mad Max’ Maxwell (16-13-3).  Light middleweights, 10 rounds. 

-Erick Ochieng’s veteran test against Max Maxwell went the distance.  Ochieng won the UD.

Carson Jones  (34-9-3) vs. Dean ‘Irish Lightning’ Byrne (16-2-1).  Light middleweights, 10 rounds.

-Carson Jones susceptibility to a proper boxing approach was mentioned in the ‘Weekend in Boxing.’ Dean Bryne must’ve been reading.  Bryne’s decision to working nicely on the outside paid dividends as he earned the draw (possibly even the victory?) against Jones.  Referee’s score was 76-76.

Khalid Yafai (6-0-0) vs. Jorge Perez (11-6-0).  Bantamweights, 8 rounds.

- Kal Yafai dismantled Jorge Perez over three rounds with a balanced, fast and accurate boxing display.  After scoring a first round knockdown of Perez, Yafai’s continued domination forced the referee to stop it in the third.  Yafai, to me, is showing the similar, well-honed technical ability (different style and definitely not on the same level yet, but technically impressive) as Guillermo Rigondeaux.  What I mean is that Yafai so far is executing his boxing strategy to a T.  Yafai is a newly minted professional and is making his way up the lower end of the spectrum.  The 23 year old’s amateur background has definitely allowed him to be very disciplined and clinically effective in the ring.  As time goes by we’ll see how he fares against better opposition, but he’s still young and should have a solid career ahead of him.  He’s supposed to be back in the ring in January.

Callum ‘Mundo’ Smith (2-0-0) vs. James ‘the Slugger’ Tucker (7-57-4).  Super middleweights, 4 rounds.

-Callum Smith’s second pro. match was a points victory over James Tucker.

James ‘Chunky’ DeGale is now 14-1-0 and Fulgencio Zuniga is 25-7-1.  Super middleweights, 12 rounds.

-James DeGale started this one brightly against Fulgencio Zuniga.  The first round saw DeGale connecting with combos as the shorter Zuniga tried to make his way in.  DeGale used the jab in succession as well as a crisp counter left hand in the second.  Zuniga landed a solid jab of his own in that round, but DeGale was hitting and moving very well.  The third saw DeGale slow down a bit and Zuniga pressed the action. DeGale’s counter punching and movement was more than enough to keep the upper hand.  The counter punching resulted in DeGale scoring a knock down in the third off an uppercut combo.  Even though DeGale hurt Zuniga again when he stood up, he was unable to finish him.  There were no more knockdowns but the rest of the match followed the pattern set in the first three rounds.   DeGale also executed a balanced attack with effective body punching.  His well timed punches and use of combos noticeably hurt Zuniga more than once.  Zuniga did have some moments when he was able to get on the inside by pushing DeGale to the ropes.  During most of those moments, DeGale showed better technique than he had in his last fight, including upper body movement.  The fact that he was much faster than Zuniga was a major factor and he used his advantage in hand speed well.  Zuniga was a resolute competitor but DeGale showed his quality and more importantly I think, improvement. Final scores were118-109, 118-109 and 118-109.  DeGale’s next opponent has apparently been decided for January and is another capable but beatable opponent, which is fine for this stage of his career.

Kid Galahad (13-0-0) vs. Ivan Ruiz Morote (15-3-0).  Super featherweights, 8 rounds.

-Kid Galahad is another very promising boxer.  Ivan Morote didn’t last the distance. Galahad dropped him in the fourth round with a nice right hand after breaking Morote down over the first three rounds.  This prompted the referee to stop the punishment, resulting in a fourth round TKO for Galahad.

Chris Eubank Jr. (9-0-0) vs. Olegs Fedotovs (15-10-2).  Super middleweights, 8 rounds.

-Chris Eubank Jr. showed no ill effects from having boxed a week ago.  Olegs Fedotov was on the receiving end of some big punches, which prompted the referee to stop it in the second round.

Kristian Agyei-Dua (4-1-2) vs. Nathan ‘De Lick’ Graham improves (13-5-1).  Light middleweights, 10 rounds.

- I missed this one.  Kris Agyei Dua suffered a dislocated shoulder, but I was under the impression that the bout continued with Nathan Graham eventually winning.  On the contrary it appears that this might have been recorded as a ‘no-contest.’  Details pending.

Ian Lewison improves to 6-1-1 as Dorian Darch drops to 6-1-0.  Heavyweights, 6 rounds.

- Ian Lewison lived up to his promises by beating up Dorian Darch over four rounds.  The coup de grace was an uppercut with the bout being ruled a fourth round TKO victory.

Manny ‘Pac Man’ Pacquaio drops to 54-4-2 and Juan Manuel ‘Dinamita’ Marquez improves to 54-6-1.  Welterweights, 12 rounds.

- Juan Manuel Marquez unceremoniously knocked out the idol of millions, Manny Pacquaio.  The front page has an in depth review.

Yuriorkis ‘el Ciclon de Guantanamo’ Gamboa (22-0-0) vs. Michael ‘Hammer Fist’ Farenas (34-4-4).  Super featherweights, 12 rounds.

- Yuriorkis Gamboa earned the unanimous decision over Michael Farenas.  The front page reviews the bout.  Scores were 117-109; 118-108; 117-108 for Gamboa

Miguel ‘Titere’ Vazquez is now 33-13-3 as Mercito ‘No Mercy’ Gesta is now 26-1-1.  Lightweights, 12 rounds.

- Miguel Vazquez use the precise strategy to comfortably beat Mercito Gesta.  The ‘Weekend in Boxing’ highlighted that Gesta is good against straight forward, limited type of boxers, which is exactly the opposite of what Vazquez presented.   Vazquez fought on the outside with the jab and great movement.  Gesta lived down to my expectations by showing his limitations.  Vazquez landed several one-twos that were set up by the jab, with some of the clearly hurting Gesta and stopping him in his tracks.  Vazquez’ strategy was the antidote for Gesta’s predictable tactics of attempting to walk Vazquez down, especially since Gesta didn’t use a jab.   Gesta did connect when he was able to get on the inside but that was few and far between.  Scores were 117-111,119-109, 118-110 for Vazquez.

Javier ‘el Abejon’ Fortuna (21-0-0) vs. Patrick ‘the Punisher’ Hyland (27-1-0).  Featherweights, 12 rounds.

-Javier Fortuna did enough to show that at least this weekend, he’s a better boxer than Patrick Hyland.  It wasn’t a landslide for Fortuna but he used his ability and a competent strategy to earn the unanimous decision. Scores were 118-110, 116-112, 115-113.

Bryant ‘By-By’ Jennings (16-0-0) vs. Bowie ‘Bo’ Tupou (22-3-0).  Heavyweights, 12 rounds.

-  The subplot to this one should’ve been ‘a former American Football player versus a former Rugby Football player.’  There was no need for that as this was an interesting bout on its own.  The first round saw Bryant Jennings moving a lot and Bowie Tupou being more active with his fists, but not connecting much.  The second had Jennings using the jab and ending the round with big punches.  Tupou was more determined in the third and lands a glancing, yet still heavy, overhand right.  It appeared that Tupou connected enough to cause the knockdown, but it was ruled a slip.   Jennings reestablished his jab in the fourth round.  The fifth is punctuated by a quality combo from Jennings in the form of a thundering right then left to the body, right to the head, left to the head and then a booming uppercut.  K.O. for Bryant Jennings.

Luis Ramos Jr. (23-1-0) vs. Ricardo ‘Slick Ricky’ Williams Jr. (21-3-0).  Light welterweights, 10 rounds.

-Luis Ramos Jr. suffered his first defeat at the hands of Ricardo Williams Jr.  The bout was stopped by the doctor because of cuts suffered by Ramos Jr.  Since it was in the fifth round it went to the judges cards which had Williams leading.

Jermell Charlo (10-0-0) vs. Edgar Perez (5-2-0).  Middleweights, 8 rounds.

-Jermell Charlo got another stoppage against Edgar Perez.   The match was stopped n the fourth round.

Rau’Shee Warren (2-0-0) vs. David Reyes (2-2-1).  Bantamweights, 4 rounds.

-Rau’Shee Warren is another young and very technically solid bantamweight with quality amateur experience.  In his second pro. bout he defeated David Reyes by scores of 40-36, 40-36 and 39-37.

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